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bulletHoney for Sale - These are typical examples of the Honey that is for sale. I have changed some of label designs and the wee beers now come with a fliptop lid.  The 1/2 lb and 1 lb samples are also being prepared in plastic jars.

I am currently selling these size jars of honey :

bulletWee Bear  - A 6 oz. bear with drip free spout.  Great  gift to teachers, office mates, distant friends,  or tea drinkers. $4.50

bulletClassic 1/2 - A small container with 8 oz. of honey. A classic offer for classy people with a taste for good things.  $7.00

bulletFull Pound - A  16 oz.  jar for all your everyday honey needs. Keep it on the counter and you will find yourself using it more and more.  This is a favorite selection. $11.00.

bulletNot Two Much - A limited 2 lb offering in classic shape jar.  This is for the serious honey connoisseur.   Especially good if you want to have an ample supply on hand.  $22.00

bulletFive Big Ones - OK, if you need it, I've got honey in a 5 lb. plastic jug.  This is great for the cook that substitutes honey for sugar when baking or cooking. This offering is also good for the mead and ale makers that want to add some local flavor and character to their brews. $50.00.
bulletSOLD OUT

bulletSupport Local beekeepers by buying local honey.  Local honey is superior to supermarket honeys and therefore costs a little more.  You are paying for a quality product.  Commercial Honey is usually a blend of US honeys and honey from
China and South America.  It is super heated to be thickened and to keep it
from crystallizing on the store shelf.   Because of the super heating, the
antioxidants break down and the benefits of using the honey are greatly
bulletAll honey is available for local delivery or pick-up only. 
bulletGood for you, Honey Honey contains simple sugars (dextrose, levulose) and
is great source of energy.   A small amount of Pollen exists in local honey and
many people believe that this exposure will counteract allergies to the pollen
sources. Honey has been viewed as a disinfectant and can reduce the amount
of acid produce in the mouth. Honey contains antioxidants and stimulates the
production of hemoglobin.
bulletHoney is a food that never spoils.  You do not need to refrigerate it.  All natural
honey will turn solid.  To reliquify, place the jar in  warm water or
in a sunny warm spot.




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